Assisting Africa to fight the epidemic, China Yunhong Holdings Group shows great love by practicing social responsibility

With the spread of the global epidemic, it is incumbent on Chinese companies to work together to fight the epidemic.Facing the increasingly severe epidemic in Burkina Faso, China Yunhong Holdings Group took the initiative to shoulder its international social responsibilities and immediately contacted the Embassy of Burkina Faso in China to confirm the need for donations.With practical actions, they demonstrate the great love and responsibility of Chinese enterprises and explain the core concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2020 (Burkina Faso time), China Yunhong Holdings Group and Emmanuel Sorgho, director of the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso, completed the cash and material donation ceremony in Ouagadougou. Chairman Li Yubao entrusted Seydou Bouda, General Manager of the subsidiary in Burkina Faso and former Minister of Economy of Burkina Faso, to donate cash and epidemic prevention materials worth 322 million SFA to Burkina Faso.It contained 122 million francs worth of medical and anti-epidemic medicines and supplies, and 200 million francs in cash cheques.


Seydou Bouda (left), general manager of China Yunhong Holdings Group's operations in Burkina Faso and West Africa, presented a cheque of 200 million Spanish francs to a representative of the Ministry of Health.

Emmanuel Sorgho, director of the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso, accepted the donation and said it was important for the country's response to the epidemic.新闻1图片3.png新闻1图片2.png

This action of love has been reported successively by the official newspaper of Burkina Faso, Sidwaya, the largest circulation newspaper of Burkina Faso, El Pais, and the country's Central Television, and also received great recognition and sincere gratitude from the government and people of Burkina Faso.In the difficult times, China Yunhong Holdings Group has made a contribution to the global fight against the epidemic in such a warm and powerful way, showing the noble feelings of the Chinese enterprises helping each other.